Cards Printing

Get Varied Postcard Printing at an Easily Affordable Price of the Royal Printing in China!!!

The Royal printing offers you with numerous opportunities and facilities for printing of different paper made products at a very reasonable price, also by acquiring facilities from the abroad. They have specialization in production and printing of 3d placemats, 3d postcards, customized desk calendar printing, stickers printing. They use different automatic machines for printing of the text that makes it distinct from other printing companies.

They have a good brand name in the China’s market. The post card printing company in China makes use of the best quality card paper with an intensity of 350gsm or 400gsm along with varnishing, the paper with the same thickness but along with 50pcs shrink wrap or 100pcs shrink wrap.

Several customized postcards printed by the Royal printing are mentioned below:
  1. For a post card with the size of 55mm*90mm, the art paper with an intensity of 200gsm along with varnishing is used.

  2. The 1000pcs of postcards of different sizes printed using full color printing throughout are kept in a poly bag and the aspect to be noticed is that the size of the postcard will be decided by the client itself.

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